There is always a spot open in the liturgy ministry.  We encourage you to peruse and pray!  Check out the various ways you can serve in the Liturgy ministry and ask the Lord to guide you in your desire to serve the church.


We have several opportunities to play with a band here at FBC Powell and a process that will ease you into a rotation.  Our Sunday worship services are accompanied by our bands. We do utilize our orchestra during the various seasons of the church such as Advent and Holy Week.  Go ahead and start the process by clicking the links and then submit either or both of the audition forms!

Choirs and Vocalists

We have two main avenues for singing with us: Choir and Vocalist. We currently have three choirs: Children’s Choir, which meets on Wednesday nights; J.O.Y. choir which meets twice a month on Tuesdays; and our Seasonal Choir, which meets at various times throughout the year depending on the season. Our vocalists are an auditioned group.  If you have any questions, or desire to serve, fill out the forms and let us know you’re interested!


There are several areas of service within the Audio/Video ministry of the church. Those serving in this area do so on a weekly rotating basis.  Typically, you can expect to serve around once a month in the area of your choosing and skill.  These areas include Front of House sound (Sound Board Mixing), Online Sound, ProPresenter (Projection Software), Camera Operator/Director,  and Livestream Operator. We have two main services that you can choose from: Sunday Worship Service and Wednesday Night Youth Service.  If you are interested in serving in this area of ministry, please fill out the form in the link!