Liturgy Collective

Liturgy Collective is made of groups that come together every last Wednesday night of the month to create and curate songs, prayers, scripture readings, liturgies, and art. Primarily focused on the enhancement of our Lord’s Day gathering, these groups contribute to much of what we say, sing, read, and do during our worship services, seasonal services, and devotionals.

  • Liturgy Writers: The liturgy writers group curates liturgies to be included in services and devotionals. These may include readings, prayers, songs, ruberics, and even art. Much of what we choose comes from the contirbutions other Liturgy Collective groups.
  • Song Writers: The song writers group curates and writes songs to be included in our library of music.
  • Art Collective: This group creates and curates art primarily for our seasons of Advent and Holy Week, but also occasionally to enhance our Lord’s Day gatherings.
  • Scripture Readers: Scripture readers curate scriptures to be read for our services and devotionals, and also participate in reading during our Lord’s Day gatherings.