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LifeGroups meet every Sunday morning between the main worship services, from 10:00 to 11:00 AM. The LifeGroup Ministry is the primary discipleship ministry of First Baptist Powell. The chief objective of LifeGroups is to provide a setting that encourages spiritual growth and assimilation into our faith family.


The Bible reveals in Acts 2:42-47 that the early church was driven by the following purposes: ministry, discipleship, evangelism, fellowship, worship, and prayer. While LifeGroups are not “small churches within the church,” they are, to a large degree, a microcosm of the local church. Consequently, the purposes of the local church should be reflected in the LifeGroups.

The LifeGroup Ministry at First Baptist Powell accomplishes its chief objective of encouraging spiritual growth primarily through fulfilling the purposes of discipleship and fellowship.

  • Discipleship occurs largely through interactive Bible studies, yet discipleship also occurs in a more intimate setting through the Small Group structure. Providing Bible studies that are relevant for daily living and interactive is the most important element of the LifeGroups.
  • Fellowship, grounded and spurred on by the group’s commonality in Christ, is the second most important element of LifeGroups. Fellowship occurs not only through organized gatherings, but also through day-to-day living, – where members find encouragement, camaraderie, direction, and prayer support.
  • The name “LifeGroup” was specifically selected because it reflects the ministry’s core purposes of “doing life together.”

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