Sunday School


Learning Spaces consist of groups whose highest stated value is learning, growing in Bible knowledge, and understanding. We categorize our learning spaces into three groups: Biblical Studies, Theology, and Practical Theology.

Sunday School groups meet every Sunday morning before the main worship service at 8:45 A.M. Sunday School classes primarily focus on learning, but they are a wonderful entry point into the broader fellowship of First Baptist Powell. View our current list of available Sunday School classes below.


Topic Location Teacher
Revelation Room 250 David Patton
Philippians Room 241 Dick Buchanan
Genesis Room 317 Tim Amanns
Genesis *Men Only Room 318 Mike Masters
Joshua Family Life Center Cafe Joe Pope

Be Alert: Beware of Religious Imposters, A Study of 2 Peter, 2&3 John and Jude

Room 231 Andy Cutshaw

“It’s All About Jesus” and “Being an Authentic Church” *Women Only

North Wing A Sherri Johnson
Pilgrims Progress *Men Only North Wing B Mark Rathjen
The Gospel
Project: From Many People to One Church *Women Only
Ministry House 2 Valerie Ault

Journey to the Cross

Bailey Barn Larry Bailey
The Gospel of John Ministry House 3 Byron Starkweather
1 Peter Fellowship Hall Randy Smith/Luke Grooms
The Life and Ministry of Jesus Room 233 Brandon Belue
Special Education Adults Room 306 Dominique Chitwood
1 Corinthians Family Life Center 1 Scott Graham

1 Corinthians 13

Room 240 Aaron Jones
Membership Matters *Core Class Family Life Center 2 Perry Garrett
1 Corinthians Student Center Tim McGhee
Amos Room 300 Rick Bertou
Biblical Theology *Core Class Room 301 Steven McGhee
Genesis 20-50 Room 304 Dan Hawkins
“Behold and Believe: A Study of the I AM Statements” *Women Only Room 232 Alys Grissom, Nicole Roberts, and Tracy Amanns
Age Range Location
6th Grade Boys and Girls Room 302
7th and 8th Grade Girls Room 311
7th and 8th Grade Boys Room 312
9th-12th Grade Boys Room 303
9th-12th Grade Girls Room 305
Age Range Location
Babies Room 207
Crawlers and Ones Room 200
Twos and Threes 201
Threes, Fours, and Fives 202
Kindergarten Boys and Girls Room 118
1st Grade Boys and Girls Room 111
2nd-3rd Grade Girls Room 124
2nd-3rd Grade Boys Room 120
4th-5th Grade Girls Room 107
4th-5th Grade Boys Room 122