Wednesday Night Discipleship

God up close

Meditating on God’s Word gives us a deeper knowledge of Him. The Bible contains remarkable claims of what happens when believers meditate on God’s Word. When believers mediate on God’s Word or delight in His Truth Joshua 1:8 says we are prosperous; Ps. 19:7 says we gain understanding; Ps. 119:83 tell us we are given life, and there is so much more. Best of all, meditating on Scripture familiarizes us with God’s Ways and precepts so that we can meet Him on a more personal intimate level. Each lesson will give us instructions regarding how to meditate on His Word followed by Meditations in His Word to apply the wisdom we just learned.

power source

Powersource will be divided between 30 minutes of teaching on prayer, 5-10 minutes of testimony concerning answered prayer, and about 40 minutes of prayer. No one will be pressured to pray aloud if they do not desire to do so. Both seasoned prayer warriors and those just learning to pray are welcome.

This is an ongoing class.

Prayer Meetings gather in North Wing B every Wednesday at 6:30p.m.

the truth project

Equipping Christians with an authentically biblical worldview so that they will be in a better position to communicate the Gospel to the lost.” The Truth Project is the best presentation of the biblical worldview I have encountered. The truth claims of the Bible are compared to the major philosophies and ideas of the world. Topics include a comparison / contrast of ideas such as: Ethics, Creation, History, the State, Education, and Social Community.

the man who makes a different

What should a man be and do? What should define him? What should be the goal of his life? How should he spend his time, his money, his energy? How should he relate to his wife? To his kids? To other men? We will study the answers to these questions by turning to Paul’s letter to the Ephesians. In reading and studying this wonderful tea, we hear God speak to us and tell us how to live as Christian men in all our different relationships.