Five Friends Fellowship Groups consist of five ladies who will meet once or twice a month for 2 months just to get to know one another. There is no additional study required. Groups will reshuffle each quarter, allowing opportunities to join, pause, or opt-out throughout the year. (April/May; June-August; Sept/Oct ). You might meet at a restaurant, library, someone’s home, a park, or wherever your group decides! There are child-friendly groups as well. Groups of 5 will allow some to miss without requiring the group to be rescheduled. This should be a stress-free short-term commitment. Our desire is to practice 1 Thessalonians 5:11, “…Encourage one another and build one another up,” being intentional about developing relationship with other women at First Baptist Powell. Please complete the form below to sign up for the Five Friends Fellowship! For any questions, please contact Linda Douglas,

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