Class Offerings

At First Baptist Powell, we believe a healthy disciple is one who gathers with the body of Christ, grows in the grace of Christ, and goes with the gospel of Christ. One of the primary ways that we facilitate growing in the grace of Christ is through learning spaces. Learning spaces consist of groups whose highest stated value is learning, growing in Bible knowledge, and understanding.

Our learning spaces can be broken down into three main categories: Sunday School, Core Classes, and Support Groups.

sunday school

Sunday School classes meet every Sunday morning and focus primarily on teaching Bible content. These classes typically walk through books of the Bible, and while the primary focus is learning, Sunday School classes are also a wonderful space for building community.

core classes

Core Classes are short-term studies (6-24 weeks) focused on a singular topic or Bible book. These classes provide much of the core knowledge that every disciple needs to grow in the grace of the Lord. Core Classes are open to all First Baptist members and guests, focusing on topics within the categories of Biblical Studies, Theology, and Practical Theology.

Support Groups

We offer various types of support group ministries, including DivorceCare, DivorceCare for Kids, Single & Parenting, and GriefShare.