Here’s a truth that every believer needs to recognize and understand – when we make a decision to change a part of our life for God, very often He tests that decision.  He’s going to “ask” – “Are you serious about this decision?” If we consider it further… what He’s really asking is, “Are serious about Me?”

Luke chapter 9 is one of my favorite passages of scripture. After all he has seen and experienced, Peter confesses that Jesus is the Messiah and He is Lord over all. His confession and belief is proof that Peter is saved (Rom 10:9). Jesus then tells Peter and the other disciples that in order to be a true follower, they must suffer and die for Him. This must have been very disappointing.

So Jesus gives 3-of them a “mountaintop experience”, literally and figuratively. Peter, James, and John are asked to follow Jesus up a mountain where he is transfigured (turned into pure light) right in front of them. For a little while, the 3-disciples experienced the literal Kingdom of God, see Jesus as He really is, and hang out with very real and living Moses and Elijah. How about that for encouragement?

Many of us have had mountaintop experiences with the Lord too. Maybe we went away for a retreat weekend, or a longer event, where we experienced an amazing time with the Lord. We came away greatly encouraged, so much so that we didn’t want to leave. For a time we left behind left the things that so easily distract us. Our focus was finely tuned to who the Lord is, what He’s done for us, and who we really are in light of His holiness. And when we do that, our worship of Him increased exponentially. Many times we come away making wise choices to continue in deepening our relationship with Jesus.

But then something terrible happens…. we come home. We come down from the “mountaintop” and almost immediately the decisions we made to the Lord are put to the test. Life very quickly returns to normal.

By the way, what is normal life for a Christian? I can tell you what it’s not. It’s not this superficial, suburban, modern American, pseudo-Christian life that defines many believers or church-goers. How do we know?  Because that mountaintop experience revealed to us that life with Jesus is a lot more than what we’re living. In fact, it’s real life; not this imaginary world of make believe that Satan has sold to us very cheaply.

As for those decisions we made for Christ while we were on the mountaintop? They’re promptings by the Spirit designed to keep us close to the Lord. Their purpose is to keep us living successfully for Jesus even when we’re no longer on the mountain, but suffering through everyday life in the valley. But now they’re being put to the test. God is asking, “Are you serious about your decision? Are you serious about Me?” Are you going to live your life in Christ or return to the life you lived before?

The measure of a Christian is not what he wants to do, or intends to do. The measure is in what he does. Jesus wants you to be successful. He’s given us power to resist Satan (James 4:7) and over our flesh.  …walk by the Spirit and you will not carry out the desires of the flesh (Gal 5:16). So follow through on the commitment you made to the Lord. Today is a great day to start again brand new.

Are you serious about Me? Yes Lord, I am serious about You. Revive me and live Your life through me again.