Wednesday’s Word for Women:
Book Review: Women of the Word by Jen Wilkin

In this year of working from home I have learned to enjoy my backyard. At first, I only listened to the birds singing. But
now I search for the bird by answering three multiple choice questions, training me to notice more detail. My enjoyment
grows with knowledge.

“The heart cannot love what the mind does not know.” In Women of the Word, Jen Wilkin explains from Romans 12:2,
“we are transformed by the renewing of our minds. We come to understand who God is, and we are changed – our
affections detach from lesser things and attach to him. If we want to feel a deeper love for God, we must learn to see
him more clearly for who he is. If we want to feel deeply about God, we must learn to think deeply about God.” This is
the aim of Bible study. The book contains the 5 P’s study method.

Study with Purpose. “From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible is telling us about the reign and rule of God. This is
the Big Story of the Bible, the purpose for which it is written.” Understand where your text fits into the Big Story
of creation, fall, redemption, and restoration.

Study with Perspective. “Before you can hear it with your ears, hear it with theirs. Before you can understand it
today, understand it back then.” We start with answering the questions: who wrote it, when, to whom was it
written, style, and why was it written.

Study with Patience. “Bible study is an investment with a long-term payoff.”

Study with Process. “We must be those who build on the rock-solid foundation of mind-engaging process,
rather than on the shifting sands of ‘what this verse means to me’ subjectivity.” The process has three stages:
1. Comprehension – what does it say? (copy of the text to mark, repetitive reading, outlining)
2. Interpretation – what does it mean? (cross references, paraphrasing)
3. Application – how should it change me? (what does this teach me about God, how does this
aspect of his character change my view of self, what should I do in response)

Study with Prayer. “Prayer is what changes our study from a pursuit of knowledge, to a pursuit of God himself.”
Ask the Father to help you before, during and after your study time.

She ends the book with this encouragement, “So make a faithful study of the One you want to imitate, as a
dearly loved child. Study everything that makes God wonderful and mimic to your heart’s delight, as the joyful
expression of your reciprocal love for him. Respond as David did: “My heart says to you, ‘Your face, LORD, do I
seek (Ps. 27:8). To the one that seeks him, the Lord is pleased to lift up his countenance, both now and forever.
…Let gazing on his loveliness touch mind and heart. And be transformed.”
May the Lord bless all your Bible reading and study.

Kim Garrett is a member at FBP and serves in the Women’s ministry. She likes reading almost as much as she likes
books, especially books that lead to better understanding and treasuring Christ and His Book. She likes spending time
with her husband Michael and Samuel. Jonah and Brittney are expecting our first grandchild any day. Someone to read
to. New adventures await. And new books.