Awaken City Church | Herriman, UT

Description: High school students will serve with the Awaken City Church family by providing Backyard Bible Clubs and block parties for the neighborhoods in Herriman, UT.

Dates: June 25-July 2, 2022

Team Size: 20 (high school students and adults)

Cost: $425.00

Contact: Hunter Long (

Mount Horeb Baptist Church | Mill City, OR

Description: The team will assist the Mount Horeb Baptist Church in conducting Vacation Bible School for the children in Mill City. The VBS will run July 17-22. Team members need to love children and be able to serve on your feet for long hours.

Dates: July 16-23, 2022

Team size: 6 (adults)

Cost: $335.00

Contact: Craig and Brandie Satterfield (

*This team is full.

Grace Harbor Church | New Bedford, MA

Description: This team will assist in the remodel of a house for the purpose of extending Grace Harbor Church’s outreach in the New Bedford community. The team will consist of both skilled and unskilled laborers. Team members need to be able to work all day in a construction environment and be willing to serve wherever and however needed.

Dates: September 10-17, 2022

Team size: 10 (adults)

Cost: $560.00

Contact: Rick Bertou (

Southeast Asia

Description: This team will serve along partners on this beautiful island located in the Indian Ocean. The team will spend time sharing the gospel with the local population who are predominately followers of Islam. You will also prayer walk and encourage and support local believers. Team members need to be able to travel aboard an airplane for up to 13 hours, walk, and tolerate hot, humid conditions.

Dates: October 12-22, 2022

Team size: 4 (adults)

Cost: $1,750.00

Contact: Brett Gibson (

Central Asia

Description: The team will support the work of a local church through prayer walking, evangelism, and assisting in conducting an semi-annual fund raising event. Team members need to able to spend 10-12 hours aboard an airplane, as well as stand and walk for extended periods.

Dates: October 9-19, 2022

Team size: 6 (adults)

Cost: $1,300.00

Contact: Tim McGhee (

Description: The team will serve field workers by caring for and providing VBS for their children while the parents are in training. Accommodations will be a local resort in one of the most beautiful seaside cities in Central Asia.

Dates: August 20-27, 2022

Team size: 8 (adults)

Cost: $1,700.00

Contact: Dick Buchanan (